Are you a member of a campus department or office on campus that wants to get more involved in a long-term, sustainable way with Feed the Pack?  Ask us about joining our Sponsor-A-Shelf initiative!

  • Each organization or department can sponsor as many shelves as they wish from the following selections:
    • 8 fruit
    • 8 grain
    • 4 protein
    • 4 vegetables (other than green beans and corn)
    • 2 cereals and other breakfast foods
    • 2 snacks
    • 1 condiments
    • 4 drinks
    • 4 hygiene and home products
    • 2 specialty foods (gluten free, sugar free, organic, etc.)
  • Shelves are first-come, first-serve, so if you are interested in a particular shelf, be sure to claim it quickly!
  • Sponsor-A-Shelf will now be split into 3 semester-long commitments that involve one donation per month.  Departments and organizations can commit to one semester at a time.  The Spring semester will therefore consist of 4 donations, in January, February, March, and April. For example, if your department committed to one fruitshelf and one grain shelf, you would donate one bin of fruit and one bin of grain each month from January through April!
  • Donations can be dropped off in two ways: first, the donations can be dropped off during open hours at the pantry; or, if none of those hours fit into your organization’s schedule, or if your organization would rather donate directly to the Feed the Pack leadership team, members of the leadership team will be available two Fridays per month in the pantry to accept donations.  If neither of these donation methods work for your organization or department, contact me individually, and I will make sure I find a way to get your donation picked up every month!