The Advisory Board is composed of students, faculty, and staff across different areas of the university and Raleigh Community—including but not limited to: Student Leadership and Engagement, DASA Development, University Dining, Office of International Services, Staff Senate, and Feed the Pack’s patrons themselves. They serve as a liaison between their respective communities and Feed the Pack. By leveraging their individual expertise and networks, they work to address the long-term, holistic challenges facing the pantry. This page is dedicated to the support and solutions of these challenges facing the pantry.

Publicize Feed the Pack!

Feed the Pack heavily relies on word of mouth and community based publicizing of our resources so that everyone on NC State’s campus understands Feed the Pack is a resource for those experiencing food insecurity. Click the link above for a poster explaining what Feed the Pack is all about and how everyone can get involved. Feel free to use this poster to put anywhere across campus or bring campus events to spread the word about Feed the Pack!

For Food and Housing Insecurity

Any student who faces challenges securing food and/or housing or has other financial challenges and believes this may affect their performance in this course is encouraged to notify the professor if you are comfortable in doing so. Alternatively, you can learn more about the Pack Essentials program and available resources by visiting the program site HERE.

How to Support Us!

Here at Feed the Pack, we strive to support our various and diverse community by meeting food insecurity needs as well as general hygiene needs. This slide show gives our Wolfpack community insight on how they can help support us support you!

Pack Essentials Ally Knowledge Program

The Pack Essentials Ally Knowledge Program helps faculty, staff, and students to gain a better understanding of food insecurity, housing insecurity, basic needs, and under-resourced students.

Feed the Pack Newsletter

Every month, Feed the Pack puts out a Newsletter that goes over updates in the pantry, monthly food statistics, and shout outs for great work being done in the pantry. Click above to keep up to date with all Feed the Pack events and updates! Also, if you or your organization on campus want to highlight a food drive, event, new resource, or other information in one of our newsletter, please fill the form out HERE.

If you have any other issues that you want to shine light on, please reach out to