The closest stop to North Hall is at the NCSU Bell Tower. The following buses stop here:

  • Route 52
  • Route 41

After arriving at the stop, you should be able to see North Residence Hall. If you cross the street, it will be about a half block walk up Hillsborough St. (towards Target).

Feed the Pack is located on the ground floor of North Hall, 2200 Hillsborough St.

The Ferndell Lot (marked in pink) is the closest C Lot to North Hall. Parking in this C Lot is free after 5 pm on weekdays.

To the right of North Hall is the Resident Lot (marked in light green) for residents of North Hall. Please do not park in this lot unless you have an RE permit.

After 5pm and on weekends parking is free the employee parking lots (marked in blue and red).

Additionally, Feed the Pack has two dedicated parking spaces. The spots are located in the B lot to the left of North Hall in the above graphic. These spots have signs marking them for “Pack Essentials Hub Visitors.”

  • From Talley, the tunnel across from Reynolds Coliseum exits between Mann and Riddick Halls, leading to Lampe Dr. Walking straight down Lampe Dr connects to Hillsborough. North Hall is located to the right towards the Bell Tower, across the street.
  • From Hill Library, walk down Hillsborough St towards the Bell Tower. North Hall is located across the street.