Directions to NEW Pantry Location

The closest stop to North Hall is at the NCSU Bell Tower. The following buses stop here:

  • Route 52
  • Route 41

After arriving at the stop, you should be able to see North Residence Hall. If you cross the street, it will be about a half block walk up Hillsborough St. (towards Target).

The pantry’s location is marked as “North Hall” on the above map.

For starters, the Ferndell Lot (pink parking lot in above graphic) is the closest C Lot to North Hall. Students with a Main Campus parking pass may park here. Any student with a parking pass can park here after 3pm on school days.

Additionally, we will have at least 3 dedicated Feed the Pack parking spots at North Hall! They will be located in the B lot that is seen just to the left of “North Hall” in the above graphic.

The light green lot just to the right of North Hall is the Resident Lot for residents of North Hall.

After 5pm (and on weekends) Parking is free for all employee parking lots (blue, red pink) above.

  • From Talley: You can either take the tunnel across from Reynolds Coliseum or walk down, past Reynolds Coliseum and take the tunnel across from Titmus Theater. Now, either tunnel you take you will keep walking straight until you hit Hillsborough St. If you took the further tunnel across from Titmus, North Hall should be directly on the other side of Hillsbourgh St. If you took the first tunnel, you will need to walk down Hillsborough St towards the Bell Tower to reach North Hall.
  • From Hill Library: Just walk down Hillsborough St towards the Bell Tower. North Hall will be the building across the street, right next to Bruegger’s Bagels.
  • From Hillsborough Street: You guessed it, walk towards the Bell Tower! North Hall is still adjacent to Bruegger’s Bagels