Monetary Donations

Monetary Donations

Monetary donations are a fantastic way to support Feed the Pack because it offers our pantry flexibility. Feed the Pack has many wonderful partnerships (check HERE) offering great food and produce deals. If you want to see where your money is going, check out our projected 2023-24 budget HERE. We can make your dollar stretch farther to help support our pack. Every dollar counts! Click above to donate monetarily.

Payroll Deduction

NC State offers an automatic payroll deduction for staff and faculty that wish to give to organizations at NC State… including Feed the Pack! To sign up for this automatic payroll deduction you will have to search “Feed the Pack” to make sure you are donating to our organization.

Essentially, you can choose how much each month you feel comfortable giving to Feed the Pack and the money will automatically be taken from payroll and donated to Feed the Pack. This automatic deduction can be cancelled at any time so feel no pressure if you’re not sure about this payroll deduction long term. Whatever you can offer helps!

Amazon Wishlist

ATTENTION DONORS: Donors can use the link HERE to document their in-kind donations (i.e. purchasing food off of our Amazon wishlist) to Feed the Pack Food Pantry for tax purposes.

Our Amazon Wishlist is exactly what it sounds like… a wishlist! The beauty of our Amazon wishlist is that it allows us to show our donors what foods we need in the pantry, as we always strive to have a wide breadth and diversity of foods in the pantry. Simply donate by navigating to our wishlist by clicking on the icon above, adding items to your cart, and checking out like you regularly would on Amazon. It is that simple!

Tax Deductions for Donations – In-Kind Form

This is a reminder that all Feed the Pack donations are tax deductible. Please click on the title above to view our In-Kind form. Please submit this form to DASA at NC State University (Address and information is listed at the bottom of the form.

Tax Information

Tax ID #: 56-6049503