Food Lion is a grocery store that helps to support Feed the Pack. We provide Food Lion with a wish list of items (including condiments, spices, prepackaged meals, international cuisine, canned foods, baking, hygiene products, etc.) and they help to supply us with these much-needed items. Without the support of Food Lion, Feed the Pack would not be able to provide our patrons with the eclectic blend of products that we currently have in the pantry.

A Place at the Table is a pay-what-you-can cafe at 300 W. Hargett St. in downtown Raleigh. They provide community and healthy food for all, regardless of means. A Place at the Table provides Feed the Pack with vouchers, and we give these vouchers to our patrons so that they can use them to receive meals at the cafe. 

The Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina is a nonprofit organization that provides food and assistance for 34 counties across the region. Every Monday morning, Feed the Pack picks up food from the Food Bank. They provide us with bread, produce, beverages, snack items, and a number of other products which have now become staple items in our pantry.

Interfaith Food Shuttle is a nonprofit organization that works to recover and distribute food to food insecure areas across North Carolina. Every Monday morning, Interfaith Food Shuttle delivers our pantry products like ramen noodles, canned vegetables, shelf-stable milk, juices, applesauce, peanut butter, and several other food items. We look forward to potentially sourcing frozen products and produce from Interfaith Food Shuttle in the near future.

The Agroecology Education Farm provides NC State’s Dining operations with produce. For whatever the Agroecology Education Farm has left over, they deliver several produce items to Feed the Pack in bulk. These items can range from cucumbers to butternut squash to a variety of tasty products—allowing us to provide our patrons with a steady and fresh supply of produce.

Bread of life is an outreach program that connects with many organizations in and around Raleigh. Each week, Feed the Pack picks up bread to stock our shelves for the week. They have played an integral role in the food pantry being able to offer bread products to our Pack.

Pullen Memorial Baptist Church is a local Baptist church that supports Feed the Pack. Each week they donate surplus sandwiches and other snack items from Starbucks to Feed the Pack. These donations each week provide a great variety of snacks and meals for our patrons.

The Flower Shuttle recycles flowers and budding plants for the Raleigh community. Every week, The Flower Shuttle provides live flowers for the shelves of Feed the Pack to liven up patrons lives.