Feed the Pack is led by its Student Leadership Team (SLT) and guided by its Advisory Board.  The SLT manages the daily operations of the pantry while the Advisory Board provides advice and guidance for strategic planning and provides additional ideas and support.

Student Leadership Team

Executive Director

Sydney Grice

Community Outreach Coordinator

Austin Jeffreys

Volunteer Coordinator

Samarth Chokshi, Cassidy Brown

Marketing Coordinator

Thu Le


Incoming (2016-2017):

Logistics/Inventory Coordinator

Rachel Nagley


Advisory Board

The Advisory Board consists of students, staff, faculty, and community members.

Current Members:

Mark Michaelson- Chair

Melissa Barnes

Randy Lait

Sarah Wright

Latoya Giles

John Starbuck

Brooke Peery

Lynne Barbour

Molly Bradshaw

Russell Gorga

Nikki Cofield

Chanelle McArthur

Olivia Davis

Jenelle Williams Wass

Robert Davis

We are currently in the process of adding new members to the Advisory Board.  If you are interested in joining the Advisory Board, please email us at feedthepackpantry@ncsu.edu.